Mark MacMillin, Psy.D.

Dr. MacMillin is a Doctor of Psychology and Professor of Clinical Psychology for graduate students. He specializes in helping people tell their stories because we are most successful in life when we deeply connect with our own story. Through his work, he encourages clients  to reflect on their story and have agency in writing their next chapters.

After many years of experience using story-telling in his psychology practice, Dr. MacMillin began writing novels with a psychological focus. These novels use characters to show possible ways to navigate challenging relationships. Dr. MacMillin believes that making intimate relationships work requires patience, personal growth, and an awareness of one's story.

Dr. MacMillin speaks on a variety of psychological topics, including secure attachment, mindfulness, forgiveness, the importance of grieving, adverse childhood experiences, and recovering from trauma.

"...he had to learn that no one... has a surer guide to living than the one that he himself generates through reflecting on his own experience."
- Stephen Mitchell